Monday, May 25, 2015

The Function of Emojis in Communicative Capital: Real Hallucinations, Actualized Possibilities, Intensive Processes of Individuation

The 'Emoji' as the congelation of the morphemic units in a written proposition is unified into an 'auditory image' of thought in a visual signifier without an image to which it must be referred except itself, or arbitary vocal utterance to attach to Thus the hypertextual devolves the tier of the mental representation on the linguistic terrain upon the lower 'subconscious' tier of pre-linguistic process of interiorized stimuli and externalized mental, endogenous sensory perceptions.

The virtual becomes the 'hallucination' of the desire without the linguistic content required to rise to consciousness and gain ego stability, but is real. The virtual sign's meaning defers to the next sign in the interminable concatenation of sign-reproduction in a nihilistic, closed logical cycle of posing the object in thought through subjective comprehension and sublation. Each successive positing of the predicate in this logical syllogism reposits the subject as an object comprehending its own nature. Thought thus reflects on itself, as knowing becomes self-knowing which knows itself in the totality of its determinate phases, and the reappropriation of the object in the subjective Notion of the process's totalizing self-consciousness in the Absolute Idea. Each time the syllogism terminates it begins anew.

The escape from this nihilism, and the speech repressions excluding those practices outside of the popular discourse is strategic counter-discourse and counter-hegemony: to pose these actualized objects of thought in their virtual manifestation consumed to further the circulation of material production in places where another object was meant to follow in its circular syllogistic motion. This resitituates the philosophical-logic onto the historic field of open logical systems of reproduction.
The emoji is used for a circumscribed purpose. Rather it is 'meant' for such. The emoji as the virtual commodity of communicative labor can disrupt the disciplinary relation between power and its subjects by its use for other than what its exchane-value demands it be used by the individual for a pre-defined mode of satisfaction. This production of desire reproduces the desire for fascism, for the power that dominates us, until we disrupt the circuitry of the Commodity and Capital formula: C-M-C' by interjecting something useless and thus without market value in the process of the commodity's changing places in the market with money, again with a commodity, and so on. These local interventions, through collective action, can produce global consequences, the revolutionary overthrow of nihilism by existensialism and positive humanism.
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